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For frequently asked questions about participating in track cycling, visit our Frequently Asked Questions - Participate web page.

I. About the Mattamy National Cycling Centre

What is included in the facility?

The Mattamy National Cycling Centre is a combination of a high-performance indoor track cycling facility and a community recreation facility. The facility features a 250-metre timber track designed to meet requirements set by the International Cycling Union for international competitions. It is the same designation velodromes must attain to hold Olympic, Paralympic and elite world championships.

The Centre includes a world class, 250-metre cycling track, as well as community sport and recreation facilities:

  • Gymnasium courts suitable for basketball, volleyball, badminton, pickleball, group events and trade shows

  • 300-metre indoor walking/running track
  • Fitness centre
  • Studio (for yoga, pilates, group classes)
  • Bike shop (to come)
  • Bike storage
  • Cafe (to come)
  • Meeting rooms
  • Legacy offices (under 3rd party lease)

How does the facility allow for concurrent use?

Design features allow for concurrent use of recreation spaces. In most instances, when cyclists are on the track, the three gymnasium courts located on the infield can be used at the same time. Access to the indoor walking/running track, fitness and studio space are also available to the public. Special consideration is given to the track when the infield is required to host provincial, national and international events. This is not uncommon for many facilities that host events, such as hockey tournaments or swim meets, and is consistent with the Town's current practice at other facilities.

Where is the facility located and what will be around it?

The Mattamy National Cycling Centre is located on the west side of Tremaine Road, at the intersection of Louis St. Laurent Avenue (between Derry Road and Britannia Road). It is located on a new local road at 2015 Pan Am Boulevard (within Bill Buckley Ring Road). The facility will be a prominent feature located within the Milton Education Village.

The Milton Education Village will eventually be a 400-acre comprehensively planned neighbourhood that includes the Centre, a university campus, innovation centre, integrated transit hub, cycling and trail connections, student housing and residential developments, and other supporting services.

How will Milton residents benefit from the Mattamy National Cycling Centre?

Milton residents receive a significantly larger recreation asset for their direct investment than many other infrastructure projects recently delivered in Milton.

The Mattamy National Cycling Centre:

  • Provides community recreation facilities for Milton's growing population, in conjunction with a premier international sport facility

  • Is home to a unique Canadian facility and home to the growing sport of cycling, building on the existing passion for cycling in and around the Milton community

  • Helps Miltonians become healthier and more active

  • Provides opportunities to attract business and industry to Milton through the addition of a state-of-the-art sport and recreation facility

  • Offers a potential long-term home for national and international sport events, bringing athletes, officials and visitors to Milton, thus supporting local business and tourism

What are potential economic benefits of the Mattamy National Cycling Centre?

The Centre brings a number of economic benefits to the community. Milton's increased visibility on national and international scales may attract new businesses that are looking for vibrant, well-rounded communities in which to relocate. The Games and legacy use of the facility will present opportunities for new business development in such areas as hospitality and sport tourism. Furthermore, the facility's location within the Milton Education Village provides opportunities for collaboration in the knowledge economy, building on the community's young, educated and diverse demographic.

II. Project Funding

How much is the Town of Milton taxpayer really paying for this facility?

Considerably less than for a similar community facility. The capital costs for the facility are primarily funded through Development Charges (funds collected from the development community to provide community infrastructure), the Government of Canada and private donations. The expected costs of operating the facility are approximately $4.03 per person annually.

What was the budget to build the facility?

The facility budget was $56.0M. The Government of Canada (Sport Canada) has provided $38.4M to this project. This public investment to a Milton-based facility ensures that Milton residents benefit from recreation experiences in their own community, including the opportunity to participate in a new, year-round cycling facility.

Milton's "local share" commitment was capped at $17.6M (private partners, developers and the Town of Milton). The majority of the funding has been provided by the private sector through a fundraising campaign that recently reached its goal. The remainder of the local share came largely from Development Charges (funds collected from the development community to provide community infrastructure). These funds were redirected from the budget for the Sherwood Community Centre, which is scheduled to open in 2017. The gymnasiums are now located in the velodrome infield. Plans are still underway to construct the Sherwood Community Centre in 2016/2017, pending budget approval.

Could the funds for the Mattamy National Cycling Centre have been used for other community uses instead?

No. Recreation development funds, by legislation, are only available for use on recreation facilities, and not for roads, hospitals or fire services. The balance of the Sherwood Community Centre budget is intact to deliver a community centre at the intersection of Main Street and Tremaine Road in 2016/2017, pending Council approval. The planning process to finalize the facility features is currently underway.

The Town of Milton was also required to build the roads leading to the site and prepare the site for construction, which was funded primarily from non-Town revenue sources. These roads would be built in the future in any case as part of the Milton Education Village planning area.

What will this facility cost to operate in the future?

The proposed operating impact for the Mattamy National Cycling Centre  will not be any more than the operating impact of other significant community and recreation facilities in Milton, each serving thousands of local residents per year. In fact, Milton residents will receive a significantly larger recreation asset for their direct investment than many other infrastructure projects recently delivered in Milton.

The Town will benefit from the Legacy Fund Agreement as a result of hosting the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games. The year one annualized net costs (2016) are estimated at $1,146,000. The Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario have confirmed that the Town of Milton will receive $736,000 per year for a 20-year period to offset these operating costs (including capital replacement costs) for the Centre, based on annual Business Plan submissions. This will result in approximate net operating costs of up to $403,000 per year.

What future impact will this facility have on the Milton taxpayer?

From the beginning of the project, the projections for the operating impact were planned to ensure that no additional costs were placed on the Milton taxpayer compared to similar types of community facilities. A similar community facility would therefore impact the taxpayer no differently than the Mattamy National Cycling Centre. For example, the 2015 approved budget includes the net operating estimates per capita for the following facilities (including all programs and services offered at these locations):

Per capita costs according to facility:

John Tonelli Sports Arena


Milton Seniors' Activity Centre


Milton Leisure Centre


Mattamy National Cycling Centre


Milton Centre for the Arts


Milton Sports Centre


Milton Public Library - Beaty Branch


How is our velodrome different than the one built for the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal?

Sport facilities are now developed to ensure they have a long life and are well used by the whole community. Unlike the Montreal velodrome, the Mattamy National Cycling Centre functions as both an international cycling destination and as an affordable, legacy community recreation centre.

For example, when cyclists are training on the track, the three multi-use courts located on the infield can be used for basketball and volleyball games, while joggers can use the walking/running track located on the spectator level - all at the same time.

In addition, as a sport, cycling has also evolved in the last 35+ years and has grown in popularity throughout Canada.

What is the status of the private fundraising campaign?

Through the generosity of many donors, the fundraising campaign has now exceeded its goal of $14.0M.

Is Mattamy Homes the only sponsor for the facility?

Mattamy Corporation has sponsored $2.0M to name the facility: the Mattamy National Cycling Centre.

Peter Gilgan, Founder and CEO of Mattamy Homes pledged an additional $7.0M toward the building of the facility. An avid cyclist himself, Gilgan took a lead role in the fundraising campaign for the velodrome, rallying support from his friends in the cycling community.

Other individuals and organizations sponsored many features within the facility.

Why would someone donate to the Mattamy National Cycling Centre?

The Mattamy National Cycling Centre is the only one of its kind in Canada, and only the second in North America. It will stand as a privilege and testament to the legacy of Canadian cycling and beyond. Donors are coming forward to be a part of a legacy - one that will create a world-class cycling centre and an innovative community facility with all of the amenities to support both aspects of use.

How can I make a donation to support this project?

Visit our donations page.


Is cycling popular in Milton?

Milton is already a hotbed of cycling enthusiasts, with more and more young families moving to Milton to enjoy its wonderful recreation and lifestyle assets. Many, because of career and family obligations, find it difficult to fit in rides during the evenings and even on the weekends. The year-round nature of the track allows these individuals to keep up with their riding as well as making it a family sport. Having an indoor cycling facility in Milton is a draw for the existing road cycling enthusiasts to be able to train year-round.

Youth programming with grassroots development options is also a major focus of the velodrome. Cycling is a great cross-over sport, so many other sports teams may use the track as a way to introduce other training options.

Is the velodrome being used by people from outside Milton?

Visitors from other communities also use the track as members of clubs and as individuals that join and pay user fees. These same people that travel to Milton have a positive impact on the local economy through their visits to local establishments for food, apparel, shopping, etc. Provincial and national events draw spectators from across the province and country to support their favourite teams and riders. 

What kind of bikes are used on the track?

The bikes themselves are not the same bike you would ride on the trails, roads and in parks because of their fixed gear; however, having a specialty bike is not uncommon. There are already different styles of bikes depending on the terrain; road, cyclocross, mountain and BMX all have variations specific to conditions and discipline. There are also rental bikes available at the facility. 

Do I have to learn how to ride a bike to use the cycling track?

The Town offers a variety of beginner programs, from Learn to Ride Programs to Try the Track programs, for all ages. Visit the Cycling Programs page for more information.


Who uses the track?

Cycling appeals to people of all ages because it is a low impact, year-round sport that can be added to current fitness routines or become the main source of exercise for many. Youth programming with grassroots development options is also major focus of the velodrome. Cycling is a great cross-over sport, so many other sports teams may use the track as a way to introduce other training options.

Is track cycling available for everyone?

Yes! In every sport, there are levels of skill and abilities. Most sports allow for multiple levels of participation that range from occasional and recreation to junior development, club competitive and elite. The Mattamy National Cycling Centre is designed with all of these people in mind. With learn-to-ride programs, riders can be up and on the track within the first hours of riding. Programs with qualified coaches are available to introduce all ages and abilities into the facility. As home to Cycling Canada's national team program, elite athletes also train at this location, serving as inspiration to young riders much the same as Sydney Crosby inspires young hockey players or Christine Sinclair inspires young soccer enthusiasts.

How do I get started?

The RBC "Try the Track" and "Intro to Track Cycling" programs cater to riders of all ages and are needed for all riders because of the specialty track bike. The concept of a fixed gear is simple to grasp and most are confident to get riding right away. Graduated programs allow people to advance at their own pace. Rental bikes are available at the velodrome.

Is it expensive to participate?

Cost can vary depending on the level of participation in all sports. Equipment, registration, and travel costs all add up, not to mention the time commitment if you are with a travelling or Milton representative team. Depending on the number of hours of participation per week, track cycling is less cost prohibitive than many sports such as hockey, skiing and golf. With rental bikes and helmets available, the only other equipment is padded shorts and shoes. If a bike were purchased, the one-time cost would be additional, but as with other equipment programs, exchanges would offer the opportunity to trade-in and move up as needed.

Can I rent a track bike?

Yes. To facilitate those just starting the sport, bikes are available to rent.

III. Project Management

How does the Town know how to run a velodrome? They have never done it before.

A staff team has been working on all operational aspects of the facility, with knowledge of velodrome trades, facility operations and program delivery. Key track cycling personnel have been retained to ensure program delivery is coordinated and welcoming to all ages and abilities. Steve Bauer, former Olympian and Tour de France icon, has been brought on board to head the Milton Cycling Academy and develop a full program of track cycling at the velodrome.

As a Legacy facility, annual business plans and results will have to be developed for presentation to the TORONTO 2015 Legacy Fund Allocations Committee. As with all other Town of Milton facilities, the annual capital and operating budgets will also be subject to full public disclosure and transparency.

How many staff are employed?

Four full-time staff are dedicated solely to the velodrome. A number of other full-time staff that specialize in marketing, communications, facility maintenance, sport and information technology play a role in facility's operation. These staff are not exclusive to the velodrome, as they support the operations of all Town community centres.

The MNCC employs approximately 20 to 30 part-time staff in the roles of cycling instructor, bike rental attendants/mechanics, customer service representatives, facility maintenance and fitness instructors.


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