Drop-in Cycling

Certified Cyclist on the track - Credit Matt Pfeil

Use our online system to book or cancel a drop-in session:

Online booking

Membership perks

Members enjoy priority booking over non-members:

  • Members: Book 14 days before session time.
  • Non-members: Book 7 days before session time.

Waitlists for drop-in sessions

Waitlist online using the "Add to Waitlist" function. Full drop-in sessions will have the "Add to Waitlist" option beside them. If you waitlist for a session and a spot becomes available, all waitlisted riders will be notified by a system generated email. Spots are filled online only on a first-come-first serve basis.

Drop-in Schedule Information

Schedule changes

The drop-in cycling schedule is subject to change, based on demand and participation. Some sessions may be cancelled to accommodate special events; memberships will not be extended and additional sessions will not be added to make up for those cancellations.

Track certification

Track certification specifically for the Mattamy National Cycling Centre is required to participate in drop-in and registered programs.

What you need to know

Drop-in cycling is geared to those who are certified to ride the track at the Mattamy National Cycling Centre, including cycling members and recreational riders. Drop-in cycling is:

  • Available every day of the week
  • Monitored by a certified facilitator
  • Controlled, steady state, pace line style riding
  • Fun group riding for exercise and fitness
Cancellation Policies

Avoid a strike against your account

To avoid being given a strike against your account, you must cancel a pre-booked drop-in session at least 12 hours before the session as follows:

  • Cancel a booking online 
  • Do not phone or email to cancel your session. (The email "cancelmydrop-in" is no longer available.)
  • You can cancel up to the time the drop-in starts, but the "no show" strike rules will apply if this is less than 12 hours before the session; see details below.  


You will be considered a "no show" and your spot will be available to other riders if:

  • You do not cancel as noted above, OR
  • You do not show up for the session according to the timelines noted above.


The following will occur if you are a "no show:"

  • First time: You will receive an email warning.
  • Second time: You will receive a second email warning.
  • Third time: You will lose your advance booking privileges for 14 days.

The booking system will now automatically track your attendance and cancellation timing; this will no longer be monitored manually.

Equipment and Riding Guidelines

Equipment and Rentals

  • Bikes and helmets: Equipment is available to rent.
  • Shoes: Shoes for track cycling must be one of the following: Shimano SPD SL Road Cleats, Look Keo cleats, flat-soled gymnasium shoes or running shoes.
  • Pedals: We have toe clips and straps for use with your own gym/running shoes; cycling shoes must be compatible with Shimano SPD SL Road Cleats or Look Keo. Personal pedals are not allowed on rental bikes.

Riding Guidelines

Check in at Customer Service before you ride.

  • Members: Scan your Certification Card and Membership Card.
  • Non-members: Scan your Certification Card and pay for your drop-in session.
  • Wristbands for members and non-members:
    • The Customer Service representative will check you in for the session and provide you with a wrist band that will vary in colour for each session.
    • Wear your wrist band; it must be visible to the facilitator to gain access to the session.

Riding Etiquette

Open Drop-in Cycling:

  • Always shoulder check to ensure it is safe to move laterally up or down the track.
  • Shout STICK to announce your approach to overtake slower riders.
  • There are two lines for riding pace in formation (pace line):
    • The black line up to the red line will be used by slower pace and slower riders.
    • Just above the blue line is for faster pace lines.
    • No high speed individual laps, interval efforts or sprints are allowed on the black line during open drop-ins.
  • Pace line riding guidelines:
    • Black line pace line exchanges must be very conscious of overtaking blue line riders. As a general rule, stay close to your pace line while returning to the back of the pace line in the lane between the red and blue lines.
    • When overtaking another rider, riders or pace lines, the lead rider of the pace line is responsible for his/her line of riders behind:  
      • Make sure to shoulder check and move up track to pass well in advance. Riders following in line must also shoulder check and move up track following the lead rider.
      • Lead the pace line above (to the right) past the slower rider(s), providing ample space above holding speed to overtake.
      • Ensure you provide many bike lengths of space to the overtaken rider before returning to the original line.
    • Blue line pace lines must be conscious of faster blue line pace lines and shout STICK when a faster line approaches and begins to pass.
    • Shout STICK to riders higher up on the banking who are riding high, waiting to join in a pace line. 
    • Slower blue line pace lines must be conscious of faster blue line pace lines and shout STICK when a faster line approaches and begins to overtake.
    • Individual riders riding high on the banking stay out of the way of blue line pace line exchanges. Do not ride at the height of the track where blue line exchanges occur.
    • Diving down out of the middle of a pace line is not good etiquette. It is best to wait until the rider completes his/her exchange at the front and returns to the back of the group before shoulder checking and dropping off at the back of the group. 
    • If you are reaching your physical limit in the pace line and need to go out of the line, you can exit the pace line up track if you absolutely must. Other riders should then shoulder check, keep their speed and gradually move up track out of the way.  

Fast Pace Drop-in Cycling:

The rules and guidelines are the same as Open Drop-in Cycling (as noted above) with the following exceptions: 

  • It must be understood by all riders attending Fast Pace Drop-in Cycling that the session goal is to ride faster pace lines; this session is not for beginners and use of rental bikes during this session is not encouraged due to the restricted gearing of the rental bikes.
  • Black line pace line efforts, sprints and take a laps are allowed when and ONLY when the following conditions are met: 
  • After a period of time, all "slower" pace lines will be moved to the blue line. The facilitator will signal when this criteria is met.

  • No slow riding will be allowed on the black line after this time. Blue line groups will still be moving at a quick pace and athletes must make their best effort to join a pace line that best suits their ability.
  • It is clearly understood that any rider dropping to the black line for an effort must ensure his/her own safety by shoulder checking left and behind to see that no rider is approaching on the black line before dropping down.
  • The session facilitator has the final decision and will indicate accordingly when the black line becomes the faster pace line.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why has the online booking system changed for drop-in cycling?
We are pleased to announce that the transition away from our current online drop-in booking process is complete. Staff at the Mattamy National Cycling Centre have worked hard to develop a new system that will improve a number of features, including but not limited to, the cancellation of booked sessions and sign-up process, as well as drop-in availability. This system will be user friendly on laptops, mobile devices and tablets.
How do I log in to make a drop-in cycling reservation?
Gain access through the Mattamy National Cycling Centre website under Drop-in Cycling.
Can anyone sign up?
You must obtain a Track Cycling Certification card in order to set up your account.
If I am a new certified rider how do I book a drop-in?
Upon receiving your track cycling certification card, staff will provide you with a temporary password which you will enter when logging in at https://townofmilton.legendonlineservices.ca. Once you have logged in, you will be on your home page and can start booking drop-in times as of 9:00 pm as per the booking policy.
How do I get my membership barcode?
If you are an existing track cycling certified member, you should have received an email from the Town of Milton that would have advised you of the correct membership barcode to use when logging in. If you did not receive an email, please contact us.
Where can I see the current cycling drop-in schedule?
 There are two ways to view the cycling drop-in schedule:
  1. Mattamy National Cycling Centre website: Under Participate, on the Drop-in Cycling page.
  2. Town of Milton website: www.milton.ca/dropin
How do I make a booking?
  1. Log into your account and select "Make a drop-in booking."
  2. Select your activity, e.g.: fast pace, open, women's only or youth.
  3. Select "View the timetable."
  4. Review the list provided to you on screen.
  5. Add your selections to the cart.
  6. Select "OK."
  7. Ensure that you agree to the terms and conditions.
  8. Select "Complete" to finish.
  9. The system will then generate an email of all your bookings.
  10. On your home page, a calendar will appear that will show all your booked cycling drop-ins.
How do I view my bookings?
On your account home page, a calendar should appear if you have any active drop-in bookings or you can select "View/amend my bookings" from the left-hand menu.
How do I cancel my bookings?
  1. On your account home page, select "View/amend my bookings" from the left-hand menu
  2. Select "Cancel booking."
  3. The system will prompt you with "Are you sure?"
  4. Select the "Cancel booking" button.
  5. The system will then generate an email of your cancelled activities.
What is the cancellation policy?

Note: All cancellations/amendments must be completed online.

The policy still remains as:

  • Cancellations cannot be done less than 12 hours from the start of your cycling program.
  • The three strike component is still in effect. 
    • After three strikes, your account will be frozen for two weeks and this will not allow you to book any future classes for two weeks.
  • The three strike component is no longer a manual process. All "no shows" will be tracked by our new system and will be based on a calendar year. Note: Any strikes from the old system will be erased and everyone will start fresh with the new system.
  • You will no longerbe able to phone in your cancellation or use the "cancelmydropin" email.
Once I am a certified rider, does the certification expire?
No, but you will be required annually to visit the customer service counter and sign a new certification waiver.
What happened to my booking calendar?
If your booking calendar has disappeared, then you have deleted all your bookings and/or do not have any future bookings.
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