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Track Cycling Program Delivery Changes: Fall 2016

The Mattamy National Cycling Centre has moved the delivery of some track cycling programs to a new independent organization entitled the National Cycling Institute - Milton (NCIM), formerly known as the Milton Cycling Academy. The transition began with a select group of program areas in fall 2016, including the Youth High Performance Program and both Youth and Adult Racing. The Mattamy National Cycling Centre will continue to operate all other programs in the 2017 season, including drop-in cycling programs. For more information on NCIM, please visit


Ride the Track and Join the Cycling Revolution!

Spring and summer programs will be available for viewing online starting February 25. Registration opens on March 8 (March 10 for non-residents).

Note: Track certification specifically for the Mattamy National Cycling Centre is required to participate in drop-in and registered programs. 

Ready to Start?

Get a taste of the track with our special "try it" sessions to see if this sport is for you, OR depending on your skill level, take a certification program or an intensive introductory course.

Get on the Track: Once you have determined your skill level, follow the links below to find a cycling program that suits your abilities.

Ride the Track: Be a recreational rider with a track membership, drop into a program or take a cycling-based fitness class. Ramp it up with intermediate/advanced cycling, racing and more! 

What to Wear and Bring

There is no need to purchase expensive supplies or special clothing to get started. Costs for getting involved in cycling are quite comparable to other sports. Rentals are available at the Mattamy National Cycling Centre for bikes and helmets!

Shoes: The shoes you use for track cycling must be one of the following: Shimano road cleats, Look Keo cleats, flat-soled gymnasium shoes or running shoes. Personal pedals are not allowed on rental bikes.

Pedals: We have toe clips and straps for use with your own gym/running shoes; cycling shoes must be compatible with Shimano Road SPD or Look Keo cleats. Personal pedals are not allowed on rental bikes.

Bikes: Fixed gear bikes are used on the track, which means there are no brakes and a single gear. Bikes are available to rent and are included with some programs. They come in a range of sizes to fit all body types.

Helmets: Participants are encouraged to bring their own cycling helmet, however, they can be provided at no additional fee.

Clothing: Participants are encouraged to wear typical cycling apparel, such as bib shorts and a jersey. If you do not have such clothing, shorts and a tee shirt or athletic clothing works as well.

Hydration: Bring a water bottle. There are several water bottle filling stations throughout the facility.



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