Riding Guidelines for Drop-in Cycling

Certified Cyclist on the track - Credit Matt Pfeil

Open Drop-In Cycling

  • Always shoulder check to ensure it is safe to move laterally up or down the track.
  • Shout STICK to announce your approach to overtake slower riders
  • There are two lines for riding pace in formation (pace line):
    •  The black line up to the red line will be used by  slower pace and slower riders.
    • Just above the blue line is for faster pace lines.
    • No high speed individual laps, interval efforts or sprints are allowed on the black line during open drop-ins.
  • Pace line riding guidelines:
    • Black line pace line exchanges must be very conscious of overtaking blue line riders. As a general rule, stay close to your pace line while returning to the back of the pace line in the lane between the red and blue lines.
    • When overtaking another rider, riders or pace lines, the lead rider of the pace line is responsible for his/her line of riders behind:
      • Make sure to shoulder check and move up track to pass well in advance.   Riders following in line must also shoulder check and move up track following the lead rider.
      • Lead the pace line above (to the right) past the slower rider(s), providing ample space above holding speed to overtake.
      • Ensure you provide many bike lengths of space to the overtaken rider before returning to the original line.
    • Blue line pace lines must be conscious of faster blue line pace lines and shout STICK when a faster line approaches and begins to pass.
    • Shout STICK to riders higher up on the banking who are riding high, waiting to join in a pace line.  
    • Slower blue line pace lines must be conscious of faster blue line pace lines and shout STICK when a faster line approaches and begins to overtake .
    • Individual riders riding high on the banking stay out of the way of blue line pace line exchanges.  Do not ride at the height of the track where blue line exchanges occur.
    • Diving down out of the middle of a pace line is not good etiquette.  It is best to wait until the rider completes his/ her exchange at the front and returns to the back of the group before shoulder checking and dropping off at the back of the group.  
    • If you are reaching your physical limit in the pace line and need to go out of the line, you can exit the pace line up track if you absolutely must.  Other riders should then shoulder check, keep their speed and gradually move up track out of the way.


Fast Pace Drop-in Cycling

The rules and guidelines are the same as Open Drop-in Cycling (as noted above) with the following exceptions:

  • It must be understood by all riders attending Fast Pace Drop-in Cycling that the session goal is to ride faster pace lines. 
  • Black line efforts, sprints and take a laps are allowed when and ONLY when the following conditions are met:
  • All riders on the track riding solo or pace lines are riding above the blue line.  The facilitator will signal when this criteria is met.
  • No pace lines and no slow riding will be allowed on the black line.
  • It is clearly understood that any rider dropping to the black line for an effort must ensure his/her own safety by shoulder checking left and behind to see that no rider is approaching on the black line before dropping down.
  • The session facilitator has the final decision and will indicate accordingly if black line intervals are allowed for a period of time during the session.
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