Milton International Track Challenge

Milton International Track Challenge:

Event tickets for the Milton International Track Challenge presented by Cisco are available online (see below) and at the Milton Sports Centre.

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This event is scheduled to take place January 9 - 11.

Pricing for Tickets:

  • Single Day Event Pass Adult Day Pass $10.00 Youth/Senior Day Pass $7.50
  • Three Day Event Pass Adult $24.00 Youth/Senior $18.75

The speed, intensity and excitement of track racing makes it an amazing sport to behold. Your first opportunity to witness track racing at the Centre will be the Milton International Track Challenge. The disciplines and competitions on display during this event will be similar to those in the Olympic Games  and are categorized into Sprint, Endurance and Combined Categories.

Sprint Events

Individual Sprint: The qualification round consists of 200 metre time trials, with a flying start. These are followed by knockout heats of three laps.

Team Sprint: This specialty race has men in teams of three, competing over three laps of the track. Women's teams compete in teams of two, over two laps.

Keirin: Keirin racing originated in Japan. The race begins with  three to seven riders following in the slipstream of a pacing motorbike for 1,400 metres. From there, the riders compete in a sprint race of 600  - 700 metres.

Endurance Events

Team Pursuit: Two teams of four riders start on opposite sides of the track and compete over four km (16 laps) of the track. The distance for the Team Pursuit is the same for men and women.

Combined Events

The Omnium:  The Omnium takes place over two consecutive days and is made up of six events. The final classification is established by adding up the finishing places in each event. The winner is the individual rider who has the lowest total combined score.


  • Flying lap (250 meters timed)
  • Points race (30 km)
  • Elimination race Individual pursuit (4 km)
  • Scratch race Kilometre time trial


  • Flying lap (250 metres timed)
  • Points race (20 km)
  • Elimination race Individual pursuit (3 km)
  • Scratch race 500-metre time trial


Cycling Canada

Nicholas Vipond, Competition Coordinator 613-248-1353 ext:2602

Mathieu Boucher, Performance Development Director 613-248-1353 ext:2607

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